LORİS PERFUME Top Management Quality Policy

" To produce world class cosmetic products in hygienic environments

in its modern facilities without sacrificing quality and compete in domestic and foreign markets successfully by improving sense of quality perpetually; to create and image in order to be a cosmetic brand preferred by everyone in the sector in Turkey and the world in terms of quality, innovation, product value and range within the scope of constant improvement thereby giving particular importance to quality and customer satisfaction thanks to technical and trained personnel..



Improving and renovating itself in every respect up until now since its foundation, LORIS PERFUME considers human and environmental factors while offering services of cosmetic goods production to the customers.

Loris Perfume tries to take precautions just before encountering the problems in order to avoid and reduce occurrence of risks to acceptable levels; identify the OHS risks suffered and specify the environmental aspects of all operations and support processes executed in the period that elapsed from the receipt of order request of customer to the completion of shipment. To that end, it establishes many OHS rules within production unit and put such into practice.

Senior Management of OKUYUCULAR COSMETICS makes the related responsibilities and authorities defined and allocates the necessary resources so that all performed activities are conducted in compliance with the programs of OHS management and environment. It forms the basis of Environmental and OHS Policies of OKUYUCULAR COSMETICS to enhance Environmental and OHS management program perpetually and make such as the natural behaviour of all staff members.

Having an understanding that integrates with the society and environment, Loris Perfume announces its OHS and Environmental policy to all employees and make them available to the society.


To comply with all laws, regulations, legislation and administrative regulations with respect to Environment and Occupational Health Safety,

To establish, apply effectively and ensure maintenance of ISO 14001 Environment and OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health Safety Management Systems,To utilize energy and natural sources optimally,

To comply with environmental and OHS criteria regarding the raw materials and auxiliary products and control adverse effects of such materials,

To prevent pollution and ensure maximum recycling thereby reducing and separating the wastes at source,

To enlighten, raise awareness and ensure motivation of the personnel thanks to the trainings provided pertaining to Environment and OHS

To share Environment and OHS Management System Practices with the employees and consider the expectations of all stakeholders.

To reduce emergency risks and be prepared for urgent situations
To prevent formation of dangerous environments that may lead to accidents and remove current dangerous situations,
To consider environmental and occupational health and safety factor for new investments and projects,

To promote suppliers so that they comply with the rules and method and principles of OHSEP Management System of OKUYUCULAR COSMETICS
To enhance and improve performance constantly in all activities.


In the firm where cosmetic products are manufactured, we adopted and aimed;
to give particular importance to customer satisfaction thereby producing quality products in accordance with GMP requirements under healthy conditions.
to ensure delivery of products to the customers, which are manufactured under hygienic conditionsto make the work environment healthy and safe and ensure trained employee satisfaction by working in compliance with applicable occupational health / safety and environmental legislation.
to keep manufacturing activities within the acceptable limits by minimising negative environmental impacts of such activities to protect natural resources and use raw material and energy sources economically in a way not to effect product quality and evaluate such for recycling purposes.
to develop constantly in order to be here to say in the competitive market, following technology in product development activities and product quality.