LORİS PERFUME Top Management Quality Policy

" To produce world class cosmetic products in hygienic environments

in its modern facilities without sacrificing quality and compete in domestic and foreign markets successfully by improving sense of quality perpetually; to create and image in order to be a cosmetic brand preferred by everyone in the sector in Turkey and the world in terms of quality, innovation, product value and range within the scope of constant improvement thereby giving particular importance to quality and customer satisfaction thanks to technical and trained personnel..


We are a reliable brand

• We produce all our products by using healthy raw materials and we offer these to our customer only after detailed laboratory analyses..
• Our primary concern in our dealing with our customers and shareholders is transparency.

We are Innovative

• By analyzing the needs of the sector and expectations of our customers, we consider becoming “The Innovator of the Sector” and “The Followed Brand” our main priority.
• We are aware that valuing new opinions, closely following new technologies and offering novelty will increase our uniqueness and strength.

Customer Oriented

• We believe our greatest asset to be the “Satisfaction of our Customers”. For this reason, we embrace the principle of customer satisfaction by quickly meeting the expectations, requests and recommendations of our customers.

We Achieve Together

• Conscious that “WE” are a team with all our employees towards the same goal.

We are Sharing

• We share our knowledge and experiences with our dealers and shareholders, and believing in achieving by sharing and mutual growth, we embrace the principle of “Common Interest”.

We offer Quality Goods and Services

• We consider quality as “the art of making the best of what you’re doing.”
• We complete the production and presentation of our products with “Quality”, and offer our lasting products to our customers with a cheerful service.